• 6:00 pm Reception
  • 6:30 pm Dinner-$125

Exquisite white truffles from Alba paired with lush Barolo wines. It's their first and finest Italian wine and truffle dinner ever! From the first bite to the last sip, indulge in a lavish 5 course dinner that immerses you in Italian culinary heritage. Each carefully crafted course is a vehicle to the exquisite and highly prized white truffle from Alba, Italy. Their mouth-watering deep, musky fragrance can be smelled from the kitchens during preparation which enhances the sensory experience. Barolo wines are produced in northern Italy (Piedmont region) and will accompany each truffle-laden dish. These bold, rich red wines are high in acid and tannins from the late harvesting of Nebbiolo grapes. Their full-bodied flavor makes the perfect accompaniment to the pungent and distinct truffle flavor. Dinners occurring on different days, Princi Italia in Dallas (November 13th) will specifically be featuring Barolo wines from Ceretto Winery while the Plano location (November 15th) will feature wines from Pio Cesare. Their menus are also different so a true truffle connoisseur could go to both and have vastly different experiences (pictures and menu links below). Don't miss out on a rare and unique event and savor the gourmet truffle experience! Limited seating so make your reservations early.